The Banner Image to This Blog Pt2 – A Load of Dead Fish

As I said in the comment to pt1, the answer is “c. A load of dead fish”, imaged though a fishmongers window in Bergen, Norway. Actually, it’s dried cod. Apparently, they are dried on racks. I travelled on Hurtigruten (the coastal ferry service) up and down the coast but don’t recall seeing such a sight. But they must be popular as the fishmongers shop window, which I imaged here, is full of them!  As to how to use such a delicacy, I have no idea.

Any one who saw a recent episode of the Hairy Bikers Bakecation will have seen what a spectacular place Norway is. I can vouch for it too.

Two years ago I joined the Hurtigruten Ferry Nordlys on a personal expedition to see the Northern lights. The coastline is amazing. The food was fun too, and not just the pastries.

If, like me, you are a fan of the discovery programme “Deadliest Catch” then you will know all about the King Crab and the lengths fishermen go to catch them. What you may not know is that Russia introduced them to their own waters to produce a food source. The crabs were so successful in breeding that they have migrated to Norway and also provide a living for some Norwegian fishermen too. Ugly buggers aren’t they?

Another great discovery was this berry wine, cloudberry I think? maybe crowberry? maybe something else, Jolly nice stuff though, and to me much better than the local Aquavit spirit which didn’t really hit my spot.

The crew kindly dished out this wine as a sweetener to the awful Cod Liver oil we were forced to endure to win a little spoon to mark our crossing of the Arctic line.

Cod liver oil is kind of hard to describe. Best I can do is to say it is a bit like having one’s mouth stuffed with dead fish. Awful. The things one has to endure in the adventure of travel. The wine was not enough to erase the taste I can tell you. I had to retreat to my cabin for a large neat scotch to rid the flavour. One lady enthusiastically told me that, amongst other things, it also acts as a kind of Norwegian version of viagra. I’ll take her word for it.

Not surprisingly, reindeer meat seemed to be very popular. Much lighter than venison I’d say. Somewhere between lamb and venison. Here’s a typical plateful,

The bottom line is that I took this cruise to see the northern lights, not to indulge in gastronomy. However, I saw enough to know that the Norwegians are clever and inventive when it comes to taking best advantage of what they have available. I suspect that we could learn a lot from them. In fact it is a reminder to me to try to be as inventive myself right here in Somerset. Just one word of warning though, watch out for the beer prices, ouch!


One thought on “The Banner Image to This Blog Pt2 – A Load of Dead Fish

  1. I thought it was a bunch of dried wild mushrooms! Nice post about your trip to see the Northern Lights. BTW, I remember taking cod liver oil in capsule form as a child. Fishy burps!

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