It’s the Food that’s the Star!

I see we have passed through the 100th birthday of American food colossus Julia Child. Not a very well known figure on this side of the Atlantic, to be honest. Or to me either, to be honest. I suppose if one wanted to make a Julia Child at home one would take, say, five parts Elizabeth David to one part Fanny Craddock and generously garnish with some Delia Smith. Truth is, the average British foodie probably doesn’t realise the impact of this lady on our view of food and life. Particularly through others. But then, how much influence do any of these people have? To what extent do celebrity foodies drive attitudes and trends or reflect existing attitudes and trends?

In my mind I prefer to think they are really mirrors of real life. I like to think that when a person comes face to face with a knife and a chopping board they become the star and the celebrity foodie disappears from the consciousness. Even if that’s not the case then that is how it should be. The world has become full of self grandiose gastrocrats who have long since lost their sense of reality so far up where the sun doesn’t shine they can’t get it back down again.

I recall a frustrated Floyd shouting at a harassed cameraman “don’t follow me Clive! Stay on the pot! IT’S THE FOOD!”. How true.


One thought on “It’s the Food that’s the Star!

  1. Indeed, it’s the FOOD that is the star.

    Julia Child is our Patron Saint. Her story is much like ours, and we strive to reach as many people as she did, and touch their lives and inspire them much like she did. She was the first to make food and cooking more approachable for regular people, and she taught us not to fear making mistakes. We miss her.

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