The Bacon Sandwich

I’ve always liked the traditional story of the origin of the Sandwich.The story of how the Earl of Sandwich dismissed the call for dinner and requested a piece of meat between two slices of bread, so he could remain gambling at the card table. That’s style.

For me the unrivalled king of the sani is the bacon sani. I defy anyone, anywhere to come up with something better. I’m prepared to accept the sausage sani comes close (brown sauce btw). I’m also prepared to accept the chip butty should be high on the list too. But the king of sani’s, hot or cold, is the bacon sani and I will not compromise on that point. It is non negotiable. And please don’t even mention second division embarrassment like the hamburger or the hot dog. And things like wraps and tack’s don’t even count as sani’s at all!

With the bacon sani, it’s tempting to add in things like tomato’, mushrooms, lettuce and the like. But then it wouldn’t be a bacon sani. It would become a bacon and tomato sani or a bacon and mushroom sani or even a BLT. The beauty of the bacon sani lays in it’s elegant simplicity and in it’s purity.


5 thoughts on “The Bacon Sandwich

  1. Wow – so that’s what a true bacon sarni looks like! 🙂 I like thick-cut bacon slices, cooked to crispy perfection then tucked into soft white bread. That texture combination gets me every time. I must try it with mustard next time. 😀

    • Thank you Terri. The point I’m making is that the bacon sani (Cumbrian spelling btw) is just that, bacon between two slices of bread. Beyond that, white, brown, toasted, non toasted is ok with me. The ones in the pic were toasted in a George Foreman type grill hence the squashed look. I love a little mustard with this kind on sani. I notice some people like a little kethup on the side. Use brown sauce however, and I will personally come around and burn your kitchen down.

      If you extend the toasted bacon sani with an egg on top and add to the plate grilled tomtato, mushroom, black pudding and a sausage then you have my version of the Enlglish breakfast.

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