Chicken and Chorizo Arrabbiata

arabiatachicken (1)

You would do this with penne pasta or those pasta twists (spirella?). For dietary reasons I cannot. For my purposes, here, a couple of slices of bread will do just nicely.

Rightly or wrongly, I always associate arrabbiata with Italian cooking. I do know that this is a great sauce that goes so, so well with grilled and fried meats. This time I’m using chicken and chorizo. Chicken and Chorizo is a magical combination. The strong flavors of the sauce and the chorizo work so well in outdoor cooking. I’m told that most taste is actually smell. Outdoors, the aroma get dispersed unlike the confines of a kitchen or dining room and so strong flavors tend to work much better than bland ones.

arabiatachicken (2)

For the sauce I’ve got tomato, onion and garlic into which I will stir in a hot sauce. You might use fresh chilli. I really wish I had some basil with me. I think a small amount of pesto would be good. I’ve put the chicken and the chorizo with some green bell pepper on to skewers. I’ve done that because is makes them easier to handle in this environment.

arabiatachicken (4)

Fry off the chicken and Chorizo. I like to get mine quite well cooked off so the outside is slightly crispy.

arabiatachicken (5)

I’ve put the skewers on one side and put all of the sauce ingredients in to the pot in one go.

arabiatachicken (6)

And here we are. I have no doubt that proper chef types out there could do a lot to refine and sophisticate this. But I really like this. For fast, easy on the hoof eating this is definaltely a winner!


2 thoughts on “Chicken and Chorizo Arrabbiata

    • Thank you πŸ™‚ In the course of this journey I’ve discovered what a great tool a skewer is in outdoor cooking. I now permanently keep a few with my cook kit. That will be the subject of a future blog post towards the end of the year.

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