Garlic Mushrooms in a Pastry Envelope


I haven’t done this before, it’s an experiment.

I love garlic mushrooms. I came across this recipe by Antonio Carluccio on the BBC food website which looks brilliant! Basically, it’s garlic mushrooms in filo pastry ‘purses’.

Mushroom Purses By Antonio Carluccio.

I’m going to have to adapt though. For a start, I don’t have any filo so I’m going to use very thin puff pastry instead.

I’m going to chop some mushrooms, garlic, parsley, and add lots of freshly ground pepper. Then add this mix to the center of a round of pastry with a knob of butter on top.


Antonio folded his up to make a kind of basket. But I think I will make mine in a pasty style. That is folded over, sealed and crimped in to an envelope. I'm doing this because I find it easier. Then I’ll brush with beaten egg and bake in the oven at gas 6 for around half an hour. Maybe a bit longer. The pastry needs to cook through. I’ve tried to get the pastry as thin as I can to speed up the process, as I reckon the mushrooms won't take long. The end result:


Hmm, ok. Not too bad for a first attempt and quite different to Carluccio. This is still very much work in progress though. Carluccio adds in a small chilli pepper as an optional. It does need something like that. I’m glad I added lots of pepper. Next time I might try a good pinch of Cayenne pepper or, maybe, some hot paprika. I’ll also use a garlic crusher and think about adding in a small dash of lemon juice. Maybe have to oven a bit hotter too.