French Toasts (a.k.a. Eggy Bread)

French Toasts (1)

Does this ever happen to you? You find yourself casually surfing the books on your cookbook shelfs and come across something you had almost forgotten about? This happened to me the other day when I came across these little books:

French Toasts (2)

Some twenty or thirty years ago, as a much younger man, these small slim volumes where a joy to me. Their small, slim size made them ideal for transporting from bed sit to bed sit and from flat to flat. I got great inspiration from their direct, simple, imaginative style and imagery. Flicking through I came across this. Something I used to do quite a bit but had nearly forgotten about.

French Toasts (3)

French Toasts from Michelle Berriedale Johnsons’s book “Quick meals”. It’s ever so simple, ever so quick and jolly tasty.

French Toasts (4)

Simply whizz up egg, milk, salt and pepper and pour the mix over a piece of bread.

French Toasts (6)

Leave this alone for a minute or two to allow the bread to absorb the mixture. In the meantime, remove the now nearly crispy bacon from the pan to a hot plate.

Fry the bread in a hot pan until the bread is nicely browned. Pop the bacon on top and serve.

French Toasts (7)

When I was really hungry I would sometimes pour some baked beans over the top to make a kind of posh beans on toast.

Now I’m going to see if there is something else that I can rediscover.