The Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary (1)

The Bloody Mary. I’m not a big cocktail drinker. Generally, I prefer a glass of wine. However when I do indulge I generally go for one of the classics. In my view, they don’t come more classic than this. It is easy to see why it is one of the great classics. It is that great combination of Tomato, chili and Worcestershire sauce which makes it so. Not forgetting the vodka of course. Simple and brilliant. No one really knows how it became to be invented but it seems likely to me to be something to come out of prohibition era New York. Which, could also go some way to explain the name (all those gangsters and their molls). Whenever I make one I always imagine a smokey, art deco, prohibition era New York gin joint and the shady characters that go with it. Wonderful.

Bloody Mary (2)

Here’s a tip for you: Store vodka in the freezer (it won’t freeze).


Egg Cups

Egg Cups (1)

If you should fancy a boiled egg and find that you don’t have any egg cups, or not enough, try this.

Egg Cups (2)

Take an egg box,

Egg Cups (3)

and cut out some holders from it.

Egg Cups (4)

Simple! If you fancy something different, try mixing a grind of salt with a couple of drop of tobasco into a soft boiled egg.