Hot Chocolate

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A work colleague recently came back from Bruges with this. It’s chocolate on a stick. In this case the stick is plastic but they can be wood as well. I particularly like those little marshmallows on the top. The idea is that you stir it into a cup or mug of very hot milk until it is fully dissolved. According to my colleague the resulting drink is a street and a mile better than powder. I can believe it!

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Bacon and Butter Bean Pitta

I find this kind of thing a useful snack for the fridge at weekends. Just keep the mix in the Tupperware box in the fridge for a quick pitta when the munchies attack. For me, that is often when I’m watching a recording of Materchef wondering to myself “what would be my calling card to John and Greg?”. Tough one.

What do you eat?


In a Tupperware box mix diced smokey bacon, chorizo, tomato, onion, butter beans, parsley, a little diced garlic and a little diced chilli with a good slug of olive oil. Add a grind of pepper for seasoning. No salt as there is usually enough in the bacon. I reckon the addition of a diced hard-boiled egg would be good. Mix well. Serve in a wholemeal pitta bread with a dollop of light mayonnaise.


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