Langoustines Vauclusienne

Langoustine (1)

Firstly, an admission. This is a straight steal from my food hero Keith Floyd. Do you realise that 2015 marks 30yrs since Floyd on Fish hit network television? Amazing.

Langoustine (2)

What you need: Langoustines, tomato sauce, onion, garlic, brandy, white wine, chilli sauce, olive oil, butter.

Langoustine (3)

Cook the langoustines in some olive oil with the onion and gently flambé.

Langoustine (4)

Add in the white wine and reduce for a minute or two. Then add in the rest.

Langoustine (5)

This is really good, really simple and so typical of Floyd. Here is the clip. Notice the philosophy on his approach. See what’s good, buy it and THEN decide how to cook it!


4 thoughts on “Langoustines Vauclusienne

    • Thank you Drew. For many amateur cooks of a certain age, especially bloke’s, when it comes to food and booze Floydie is the man to watch! I refer to his books TV programmes all the time. I agree that the first and last episodes of Floyd on France are amongst some of the best food TV ever made.

      I really like the story of how he once served an awkward customer in one of his Bristol restaurants a sautéed beer mat in beaten egg and breadcrumbs. The customer loved it!

      • Hehe he was a character, my dad once worked with somebody who worked with Floyd- don’t want to defame him in print but some of the stories I’ve heard are hilarious (nothing in bad taste though)

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