A Stall in Borough Market, Southwark.

marketstall (1)

I was flicking through my picture library the other day and came across this. Is this not a fantastic pan of food? To be honest I’m not sure when it was imaged, must have been a couple of years ago maybe more, but I do know where it was imaged. It was imaged at a stall in London’s Borough Market which can be found on the south bank of the Thames behind Southwark Cathedral partly underneath London bridge. For many foodies in the UK this is the ultimate Farmers Market. A mecca of produce from all over the UK that just has to be visited.

marketstall (2)

marketstall (2.5)

Marketstall (2.7)

However this posting is not about the market. I suspect the internet is probably full of blog postings and imagery of this place. If that is what you want then stop reading this and go google.

This was what grabbed my attention. Big time.

marketstall (2.8)

Turning a corner and seeing this sight was stunning. This is the kind of thing that really gets the adrenaline flowing and my heart pumping.

marketstall (3)

marketstall (5)

Coming across something like this makes my heart sing. It’s what I live for. I do. There was a time I lived to throw myself out of perfectly good airplanes or haul myself up bits of rock for no good reason. But now it’s finding something like this. This is both wonderful and sad at the same time.

marketstall (6)

It’s wonderful because it exists at all and it’s sad because it’s so rare. Why are our streets full of those fast food McTucky King Burger type places and not these? I’m serious. The queue for this went around the corner and people were coming back for more!

marketstall (7)

Just look at this. I want all of it. I want it now. I want it everyday until I die. It’s that good. So good I chose it to banner this blog. I hope it’s still there.

marketstall (8)