Oeufs en Meurette (Eggs in Wine Sauce)


The ingredients: Eggs, bacon, red wine, onion, garlic and a slice of bread.



Fry the bacon in some butter. Add some onion and garlic to the pan and soften down. Then add in roughly 1/3 to ½ bottle of red wine and rapidly reduce to, say, half maybe less.


Strain the sauce of the onion and garlic (use later on in a stew or piperade) and return to the pan. Add a couple of eggs and poach. Put the eggs onto a slice or two of fried bread and pour over the sauce.


And here we are. Apparently Michel Roux Jr used to make this for French President Francois Mitterrand as a breakfast!

(It is much better than the image may suggest. I’ve tried and tried to get a decent image of this and not really succeeded. I’m not a professional food photographer or food stylist.)


Egg Cups

Egg Cups (1)

If you should fancy a boiled egg and find that you don’t have any egg cups, or not enough, try this.

Egg Cups (2)

Take an egg box,

Egg Cups (3)

and cut out some holders from it.

Egg Cups (4)

Simple! If you fancy something different, try mixing a grind of salt with a couple of drop of tobasco into a soft boiled egg.