Steak with Sauce a la Creme

Aside from the steak, these are the essential ingredients:

Steak au Poive (2)

Brandy and double cream. Everything else is an add on. Having said that, a really good blast of pepper is really good.

Personally, I always think a really good piece of steak needs nothing doing to it. However, a really good piece of steak can be hard to come by sometimes. In that eventuality, then this is a sauce which can make quite a difference!

Steak au Poive (1)

Just as an aside, switch the brandy for calvados, the steak for pork and some of the onion with apple and you have one of my ultimate favorate things! But that’s for another day.

Steak au Poive (3)

Fry off the steak to you preferred level of doneness and add the brandy.

Flambe and reduce. If you want to add butter then this is a good time to do it. For me, butter make this too rich.

Steak au Poive (4)

Remove the steak to a hot plate to rest. While the steak is resting add onion, garlic and mushroom to the pan and soften down. As things start to soften add in the double cream.

Steak au Poive (5)

Don’t add in too much cream or you will wreck it. A teaspoonful at a time and keep testing until you’ve got it. When the sauce is properly cooked through and pour over the steak.

Steak au Poive (6)

This is really good with plain boiled potatoes and those small green beans. And a good bottle of red wine.


Steak with a Red Wine Pan Sauce


For me one of the highlights of a day out and about on the Lake District fells is when I stop for a light lunch. I like to find a quiet, out-of-the-way spot off the trail where I can relax, contemplate and connect with the landscape. But mostly to eat. In this case it was, pretty much, a straight lift from my good friends at Dear Martini. I’m doing this on the trail, on a small gas burner. So I’ve had to adapt. For you to do this properly, don’t do what I do, instead, you should check out this posting Steak… With Benefits.

I have no pretence about my cooking knowledge and skills which are, shall we say, lacking. You see, for me food and cooking is a happy distraction from my main line of work. This is the reason why I love it when someone puts in front of me something which is both fantastic and bullet proof simple. This is one of those things.

The Dear Martini version uses The New York (Kansas City) cut of steak. I reckon our (UK) nearest readily available equivalent is Rump. A respondent from the River Cottage website suggested Porterhouse. My butcher said “I can give you any kind of cut you wan,t from anything you want, prepared in any way you want, it just ask me the day before you need it”. Hooray for our high street butchers! Just try getting that service in a supermarket!

So, steak, red wine, stock, butter. I don’t have any shallot but I do have some garlic and some leek (one has to adapt sometimes). I had a scout around the area for some thyme but couldn’t find any.


Fry off the steak, as you would, and put aside to rest.


Deglaze with red wine, add the garlic and leek, stock, reduce, add butter to thicken.


And serve. Thank you Dear Martini I hope I did your efforts some kind of justice. It was a memorable lunch!


Finally a message to those sad people who stick a pre-prepared microwave wave thing in their microwave oven: If I can make something like this here, on a camping stove, then you don’t have any excuse not to cook properly do you?